Dog Boarding At Home in Las Vegas Instead Of A Kennel

When going on vacation and leaving your dog behind you want to know that it is well cared for. Whether that's taking your furry friend to a kennel, a doggy daycare facility or to someone's loving home. A dog is truly a member of your family, and when you have to board it is important that you know who will be watching him when you are gone.

Today you will find many different kinds of dog boarding services. Ideally you will leave your pooch in the hands of either a trusted family member, a friend who you know will give the best possible care or a professional pet service. Plus they have to see you when you get back so of course they will want nothing bad to happen to your pooch. But what options do you have when there are no family and friends to care for Fido while you're away?

Should You Have a Friend Watch Your Dog?

One place to take your pet is to someone's home. No not just anyone's home, but someone who subscribes to a service that takes in dogs while you're away. This is called home boarding and it is very popular today. Rather than leave your dog at some kennel where they will be locked in a cage most of the day, home boarding is where your dog gets to stay with a family.

The best part about home boarding is that your dog will likely not be locked up in a cage, that is of course that he is not unruly. Most people who watch dogs in the comfort of their own home allow your pet the run of the house. That includes sleeping on beds, couches, floor or anywhere you're little furry friend is accustomed to.

You may be wondering if home boarding is safe, right? The good news is that there are many online services that have verified the dog watchers. In addition to the verification process, clients leave reviews after each stay so you can read about any issues and problems that may have occurred. Most of the time there are no issues and everything works out fine.

What's great about leaving your dog with one of these home boarders is that the service provides free insurance. This is very important in case your dog accidentally gets sick or injured while you're away. You also get to pick and choose which sitters to use based on price. Not only will your dog be covered by insurance, you can find someone at a good price to watch your dog.

Get All Of Your Dog's Things Prepared for Boarding

It is important that you prepare all the things that your dog will need during his boarding stay. Make sure you get exactly the things he's accustomed to at home. This is especially true if he has a certain dog bed he likes to sleep on and any toys he likes to play with. Make sure you pack enough food to last for your entire trip and be sure to specify any dietary restrictions or allergies your pooch may have. Whatever you can do to make it easier on the person watching your dog, the better off everyone will be.

Do a meet and greet to get to know the dog sitter and to see what kind of home he will be staying in. If you have a big dog then it is probably best that he stay with someone that has a big backyard where he can get out and move around. Your dog will be nervous upon first entering the home, so be sure that it is someplace he will feel comfortable.

Keep a list of all the things your dog likes to do, his favorite treats and what time he is accustomed to going on walks. Whatever you can do to keep things the same, will make your dog thing he never left home.

Soon enough your trip will end and you will be reunited with your best friend. Dog boarding doesn't have to be bad, and in fact it could his little vacation.